Wednesday, 15 November 2017

air balloon

One day there was a girl named chelsea and she was so excited because she was going to ride on a hot air balloon with her mum, but first she had to get dressed so she got in the shower got changed had breakfast brushed her teeth and did her hair then her mum did the same, after that she went into the car it was a long ride and chelsea fell asleep almost the whole way there. When they got there, there was a line and it took so long so they waited, waited and waited until it was their turn and they were so excited because they’ve never been on a hot air balloon.

When they got in the air balloon it was so cool but when it took off Chelsea was a little bit scared but also excited it was going fine until the air balloon was out of control they were terrified. When they were in the air balloon Chelsea almost fell out but then mum caught her and held her tight and everyone that was there left because they didn't want that to happen to them.

When they were up there they figured out a way to get down, they told the workers to attach a rope and pull them down it took a while to get the rope attached to the air balloon and to pull them down but they managed to get them down. When they got home they were so scared so they just watched some t.v and ate launch and they forgot about that whole thing.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Whats the time Mr Wolf

It was just a normal day at school it started of with a prayer next a mihi and after that a song. After all of that Mr Moran told us that we are going outside to play What’s the time Mr Wolf. I was so excited to play this game because I haven’t played that scene I was 7 and now i’m 9.When we started the game I knew it was going to be fun. I was running and then Mr Moran turned around and I had to go back to the start. It happened over and over again but I didn't give up and then someone finally touched Mr Moran but we were taking to long to get Mr Moran so we just had to go inside it was so fun.Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 8.15.11 PM.png

Friday, 27 October 2017

assembly writting

As we walk into assembly we saw stars on the roof then as soon as everyone sat down at assembly the light suddenly turned off . It was so cool everyone was screaming . as the stars were shining brightly on the roof I felt a little breeze going through me as the U.F.O passed by . When it landed on the stage two aliens came out and they threatened TO KILL PLANET EARTH! but before we knew it, two other people of planet earth showed up and they killed the aliens, our earth was saved.

After they made as excited for everything we started to talk about planets team one item was looking at all the planets . Team two item was singing a song about the planets . Team three were talking about time and the four season , the seasons were spring, summer, autumn and winter, finally we have team four team four had to turn the lights off again it was still really cool they had stars everywhere on them and Miss judge was singing the Moana song “how far i’ll go” but she changed the song into the stars version Madi said “this is the best assembly ever” And I agreed to what she said. It was so fun I loved it.

sprint race track

Today instead of writing we went outside to do something fun. The first thing we did was we had to line up outside our class door. We had to sit down in front of the field. We were supposed to be quiet because we were in front of other classes.

We had to sit down in front of the field, next to Mr Moran , he had to half the girls, one half went to race and while they were racing some girls were cheering but we were supposed to be quiet so I helped them by saying hey you might want to cheer a little quieter. After that half of the girls raced the other half raced and I was in that half.
When it was my turn to race I was so nervous I was as nervous as my first day of hip hop class. Mr Moran had something very loud he gave me a fright so I ran fast but not fast enough so i didn't get up to the top 4
But that was fine with me. The same thing happened with the boys.

When the races were all finished the top 8 girls and boys had to have another race but there was a twist to the race and the twist was the had to do a crab race, a crab race is when you are on your feet and your hands while you try to run it was hilarious.